Garbage & Recycling

Garbage and Single-Stream Recycling pick-up is every Monday & Tuesday, depending on address. Please have your totes out by 6:00 a.m.

Newspapers, cardboard, & mixed office paper may be bundled or bagged in paper bags. PLASTIC BAGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Place all recyclable items LOOSE inside the recycling container.

Magazines and junk mail (including window envelopes) are accepted in a brown paper bag placed within the recycling container.

Glass jars & bottles: clear or colored should be rinsed out to prevent odor problems and spilling.

Glass, including lightbulbs, window glass, drinking glasses & dishes, is NOT recyclable.

Labels on tin and bi-metal cans are encouraged to be removed. Cans should be rinsed out. 

Large metal items will not be accepted.

Aluminum cans should be rinsed.

12-pack soda & cereal boxes are accepted as recyclable.

Caps should be left on bottles.

For bulky items and Appliances, please contact Winnebago County Landfill (232-1800) for disposal charges.

Contact GFL

For questions about your Garbage & Recycling (including if your garbage/recycling has not been picked up) please contact GFL at 920-685-0771