Friendship Trail

Friendship Trail Closure: Due to Sanitary District construction, the Friendship Trail will be closed from the STH 76 tunnel eastward indefinitely.

The trail which runs east-west through the Town for 6.1 miles parallel to U.S. Highway 10 is the Town's newest trail. The Friendship Trail intersects with the WIOUWASH and helps connect other local Fox Valley Trails, including the Little Lake Butte Des Morts trestle bridge. This intersection is the site of an informational kiosk that has trail news as well as town news. The Trail will eventually travel from Manitowoc to Stevens Point.

The Friendship Trail has an area known as "Olson's Rest", located at the corner of Fairview and Highway 10. This area was donated by Rueben "Chub" and Lois Olson. Trail users may stop for a picnic or just to relax.

The Town of Clayton would like to thank all employees and volunteers who dedicated their time to making the Friendship Trail a reality.

Please use trail courtesy and follow proper etiquette while using trails in the Town of Clayton.

We welcome you and hope you return to visit us often.

Trail Etiquette

Courtesy and consideration are essential to ensure the enjoyment of all trail users and protection of the resources. Please follow these common sense guidelines when using trails in the Town of Clayton.

  • Please do not litter. Trash containers are available at several areas along the trail.
  • Trail users, such as walkers, bicyclists and horses, travel at different speeds. Be aware of what is ahead of you on the trail and their relative speeds.
  • Please pass oncoming users single-file, preferably to the right.
  • Please alert fellow users you are about to pass, giving them enough time to respond. An alert such as, "Coming up on your left, please," works well. If you are passing, please do so in a single-file order preferably on the left side. If being passed, please move to single file to your right.
  • Remember that animals such as horses or dogs can respond negatively if surprised by a sudden noise or action.
  • While there is no leash law for dogs on the trails, dog owners should be considerate of other trail users. Many dog owners hold or heel their dogs when approached by other trail users.
  • Bike helmets are not required on the trails, but bicyclists should use all appropriate safety measures when riding.
  • Common courtesy is requested from those who bring animals onto the trails, please clean up after your pets.
  • The WIOUWASH trail intersects a number of roadways, which include higher-speed highways, blind intersections, plus two rail crossings. Use particular care in these areas, as road and rail traffic have the right of way at these crossings.

Remember, "Please and Thank you" are the key words along the trail!