Trail sign

The Town of Clayton is fortunate to have one of the state's outstanding free trails as part of its township. The WIOUWASH State Recreational Trail runs 18 north-south miles from Oshkosh to Hortonville, including more than six miles through the Town of Clayton. It is named for four adjacent counties in east central Wisconsin: Winnebago, Outagamie, Waupaca and Shawano. Another section of the trail operates from Tigerton to Birnamwood in Shawano County and connects to the 75-mile Mountain Bay trail that connects Green Bay and Wausau. It is hoped that eventually the two sections of the WIOUWASH can be connected to provide more than 50 miles of safe and scenic beauty for outdoor enthusiasts.

Unlike some of Wisconsin's most popular trails, the WIOUWASH (pronounced WHY-oh-wash) is open to the public at no charge. This trail, maintained by Winnebago and Outagamie counties, provides wonderful recreation opportunities for walkers, bicyclists, horseback riders and, in winter, snowmobilers.

Town trail

The Town of Clayton takes great pride in its section of the WIOUWASH and has established one of the primary rest areas along the trail, in the community of Larsen. Trail Head Park offers restrooms, picnic areas, children's playground and parking areas for vehicles and horse trailers. Trail Head Park and the WIOUWASH also serve as the base for the Town of Clayton's annual festivals, the WIOUWASH Race and Clayton Fest, which are held in late spring.

Trail Head Park sign

Trail Etiquette

Courtesy and consideration are essential to ensure the enjoyment of all trail users and protection of the resources. Please follow these common sense guidelines when using trails in the Town of Clayton:

  • Please do not litter. Trash containers are available at several areas along the trail.
  • Trail users, such as walkers, bicyclists and horses, travel at different speeds. Be aware of what is ahead of you on the trail and their relative speeds.
  • Please pass oncoming users single-file, preferably to the right.
  • Please alert fellow users you are about to pass, giving them enough time to respond. An alert such as, "Coming up on your left, please," works well. If you are passing, please do so in single-file order preferably on the left side. If being passed, please move to single file to your right.
  • Remember that animals such as horses or dogs can respond negatively if surprised by sudden noise or action.
  • While there is no leash law for dogs on the trails, dog owners should be considerate of other trail users. Many dog owners hold or heel their dogs when approached by other users.
  • Bike helmets are not required on the trails, but bicyclists should use all appropriate safety measures when riding.
  • Common courtesy is requested from those who bring animals onto the trails, please clean up after your pets.
  • The WIOUWASH trail intersects a number of roadways, which include higher-speed highways, blind intersections, plus two rail crossings. Use particular care in these areas, as road and rail traffic have the right of way at these crossings.

Remember, "Please" and "Thank you" are the key words along the trail!